Duncan profile 1997 Gallery line art

Duncan at a nice active walk, passing the test of the released inside rein.  Oh, all right, he says.  Maybe I don't always have to Get My Own Way.
Duncan in a Dramatic Pose. This one was taken with a thunderstorm looming, and it really was that dark behind him!
whistling together Here we are, filling the barn with bee-yoo-tiful music together...One might guess classical, but I believe this tune was "Old Stewpot Was a Racehorse."

Duncan under saddle The walk might look like a boring gait, but there's more to doing it correctly than you might think.  Here Duncan's moving forward freely, just about to come on the bit, and working through his back--all significant accomplishments for a Lipp who would prefer to curl himself up in a ball, over-engage, and stick his neck up in giraffe-mode.
cantering And he's still feeling pretty forward!  This is as close to a controlled gallop as he can get in this small indoor ring.
shoulder-in This is his latest accomplishment--a nice (and here's that word again) forward 45 degree leg-yield down the wall.  Because he's curved around my inside leg and moving his shoulders laterally, the exercise teaches him how to lift his shoulders instead of falling in on them, as is commonly seen around corners.  The cross-over in his back legs is really nice here.

Sunday November 28 2010
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