Duncan profile Winter '98 line art

A horse in a big silly bandage

The Dignified Butt Not an easy angle from which to look dignified...
The Pudge You'd be pudgy too, if you'd spent 3 months in a stall!
Duncan & Doranna
Nope, no treats in that hand; this is Duncan offering horse kisses. He was so glad to see me when I finally got to visit him, he fairly glowed. At this point he's lost every muscle fiber he ever had due to the confinement, but has accepted his current lot in life. He's at this barn despite its lengthy distance from my home because Kim, the owner, is unsurpassed when it comes to doing the little things that keep a stall-bound horse happy.
PS extra points if you can guess how many jackets I'm wearing at the same time.

Sunday November 28 2010
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