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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


The Reckoners

The Reckoners

The Reckoners series, Book 1
February 2010
ISBN-10: 0765361647
ISBN-13: 978-0765361646

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The Reckoners kicks off a new contemporary fantasy romance series about a young woman once mentored by a ghost and now leading a ghostbuster team, all of whom tangle with a fiercely driven demon-hunter from a different dimension.

For when Lisa McGarrity and her team come across an intruder in a client's spirit-infested house and he claims to need their help, they're skeptical. When he tells them of trouble at the Winchester Mystery House--San Jose's riddle of a mansion built first to draw ghosts and now a steady stream of tourists--they're even less inclined to believe. But when inexplicable, deadly events rock the city to its core, they're forced to help the mysterious Trevarr...secrets and all.

(This was a blast to write! The fun of playing with this Southwestern setting, the supernatural rules I've put into play, the characters (Trevarr and Lisa McGarrity are not to be taken lightly!) and even the whisker-licking, bug-crunching familiar...ooh la la!)

"Heart, adventure, and buckets of wonder."
--Julie Czerneda, author of Rift in the Sky

"The Reckoners is certain to carry readers along at a break-neck pace that is nonetheless savored along the way."
--Jennifer Roberson, author of the Karavans series.

"Ghosts, aliens, danger, romance, and a non-cat.  As Lisa McGarrity might say, what's not to like?"
--Anne Bishop, author of the Black Jewels series

"Heroic figures with problems even bigger than they are."
--Jacqueline Lichtenberg, The Monthly Aspectarian

"THE RECKONERS is an original paranormal adventure which will fuel your imagination on every page."
--Single Titles

"Delightful beginning to a new series that's funny and lively with a memorable cast of characters."
--Fresh Fiction

"Doranna Durgin makes her mark with her new urban fantasy series, THE RECKONERS. The delicious debut titled, THE RECKONERS, features a topnotch ghost-hunting team, a tracker from another world, his mysterious sidekick, and all sorts of paranormal activity. The pacing is excellent and the plot engaging. Ms. Durgin’s word-building is edgy and she provides some interesting takes on supernatural elements. Overall, the central mystery is complex, the action plentiful, and the developing relationship between the protagonists satisfying....  It is an exceptional read."
--Romance Junkies

"Like all of Durgin's books, Reckoners has glorious 3D characters. It has all the joy of Ghostbusters, all the incredible monsters of the paranormal, and a delightful romance that never lets you down. Durgin deftly avoids cliché, and builds a rock-solid high-tension story. Best of all, it comes with an excellent twist at the end that will leave you begging for more."
--Adrianne, an Amazon Reader

"THE RECKONERS is the first release in Ms. Durgin's new ghost buster series. It is an original and fresh take on the spiritual world and is intense from page one. I enjoyed the interaction between the main characters and the sexual tension between Trevarr and Garrie is extreme. I look forward to more in this series from Ms. Durgin."
--The Romance Reader's Connection

"Doranna Durgin begins a new urban fantasy series with The Reckoners, featuring feisty heroine and ghost hunter Lisa McGarrity known to her friends as Garrie. At age ten she learned of her talent to corral and manage ghosts. Rhonda Rose, a ghost, helped her to understand and develop her abilities. Now she heads a team of three: the empath Lucia, Drew who can sense the history of a place, and Quinn who ferrets out data they need...Durgin takes the reader on a wild ride with plenty of twists and turns.
--Mel Jacobs at SFRevu